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CATS x 2

My cats....

My cats and I have been together for almost 10 years.  Thats over twice as long as my wife and I have been together.  They have been a constant source of affection.

It is with deep sadness
I say goodbye to my friend Eric

Eric left us April 10,2000
He was a good cat.
And I loved him dearly.
Many will not understand the bond
but my cats have been my only source of affection during some really tough times.

Jessies gone
I had to put Jessica down on July 15, she
was ran over by a van, and severly injured.
I havent thought about it much yet,
as I am avoiding it. I was with her when she went,
it was peaceful and she felt no pain.
. I will have more later as I face it.
Its been almost 2 years now since Jessie died
I have been tempted to remove this page,
but I honestly miss her and Eric at times.
Viewing this page reminds me of what was good about them.

This is Jessica, she is half siamese and half tabby...

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Jessie again

And his most Regal self...Eric.

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Eric Passed Away
April 10, 2000
I will miss him.

Eric used to weigh 17 pounds...

Eric got his name from when he was a kitten, we thought "he" was a "she" and named him Erica, however some Balls dropped........

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