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What I do, or Can do...

Okay here is what I currently do:

I was a Instructor and then a system administrator on Unix systems in the USAF for 20 years. I also am a computer programmer.  I have programmed in Ada, Cobol, C, C++,Visual Basic, Pascal, Java, Javascript,Perl, and PHP.

Presently (May 2008..) I am working as a Navy contractor in Pensacola Florida as a Systems Admin for Redhat linux clusters and Solaris systems.

Here is my resume in HTML and in Word formats

Currently I own and operate a Internet Presence Provider company called Gulf Coast Information Systems. If your interested in our services..(see the nifty logo upper left..).

I design websites..Hell who doesn't. Anyone can create a website.   But....

We host and create dynamic websites that interface with SQL databases... So much power there thats still untapped.

Remember people search the web for ONE reason. INFORMATION!

Most people dont care what a site looks like as long as its informative. (Provides what they are looking for.....).

If you have it, they will find it.....

I can program....I am a good programmer. (There is a difference).

I have an inate ability to troubleshoot systems. And I learn fast. 

I have operated / Administered Linux systems, HP systems, Honeywell, IBM AIX..... different flavors of unix...similar but different.  I have been heavily involved with system security.

Soon I will be retiring from the USAF to persure a career in the world...that translates into big bucks.. (hopefully).

And I will continue my company, its growing by leaps. Especially in the Secure server area.

I have installed and used Apache, Netscape servers, Oracle, Ingres, Mysql Databases. And written or used the web interfaces for those systems. ODBC, PERL libraries etc.

Thats enough back patting.  Basically I have learned one thing.  I can do anything on a computer that someone else can do.

Also I am a Amateur Radio operator, advanced class. I understand electronics. There is a fundamental similarity between electronics / logic and computers.. right?