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Why the Nick?

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Likes and Dislikes

This one is easy:

I like cats >^..^<  get it?.
Women, computers, fishing, watching tv.

Sex...did I mention sex?

Well seriously (I was serious) I believe I am fairly normal.  I like to have fun when its time to have fun.  Work when work needs to be done. 

More details.....

I am the type of person that loves to learn.  Especially about things I like. (Dont we all?).  Exploring new facets of computer technology is exciting to me.

I think of computers as tools...a means to an end. Not a toy. I dont need the fastest, biggest computer.  My computers get the job done.

Women...I love my wife, I like my wife. Her name is Sandi, and she is wonderful.  She thinks I am awesome. (go figure?!?) and that makes me feel really good. I like women that are confident about themselves. That know what they want and are not afraid to tell me. 

Fishing?  I used to fish alot, hardly ever get the chance now. But I still like it.  And I like to EAT fish.! (No catch and release here...)

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