Lloyd W. Kirk

(813) 961-4368 4805 Hayride Court.
[email protected] Tampa, FL 33624


I am seeking a full time career position in the I.T. field that will enable me to use my 20+ years experience in varied computer fields.


Present - Verizon Data Systems Production Support, Tampa FL. Direct support of the Activation Assignment Inventory System utilizing Sun E10k systems.

UNIX System Administrator with 6+ years experience. Areas of experience include- IBM, HP, DELL, and Compaq hardware; AIX, HP, BSD, SCO, Linux, and Microsoft operating systems; Oracle, Ingres and MySQL, databases; HACMP, Sidewinder firewall, DNS, Netscape, IIS, Legato, Netview/Openview, PVCS, TeleUse, Plateau, Remedy, QIP software; ADA, C, C++, perl, php, java script, and shell script programming. Database design and creation. E-commerce, web layout, design and publishing, virtual hosting/email. Excellent knowledge of large networks and remote connectivity combined with an innate troubleshooting ability.



Keesler AFB Network Control Center 1994- Present

Performs or directs all day to day task required to maintain computer and network infrastructure in support of over 15,000 networked users. Such as administering user and mail accounts, system backup and recovery, DNS, DHCP, SMTP, proxies, firewalls and routers. Responsible for implementing network and systems security including; TCP, IP, wrappers. Testing military systems for vulnerability. Installing patches and upgrades to keep systems safe. Also provide technical advice on emerging technologies and develop plans for future upgrades. Installed and maintains web proxy servers and mail forwarders on AIX, UNIX and NT. Maintains BSD systems running sidewinder firewalls. Also maintained HP systems running the Defense Messaging System. Troubleshooting for civilian contractors on Remedy, Oracle, and UNIX problems.

Technical Training Management Systems, TTMS, initially deployed 35 IBM AIX servers at Keesler AFB. Developed procedures and wrote shell scripts to manage the large number of servers dispersed around the base. Created and administered user accounts, software and Ingress RDBMS as well as developed code. Developed and maintained shell scripts to deliver software in a hierarchical manner to prevent bandwidth saturation. Deployed the system to 4 other bases and converted to Oracle RDBMS. Designed and installed highly available clusters using HACMP and AIX. Converted the system to off-the-shelf-hardware. Converted Oracle database servers to Microsoft NT 4.0 running on Dell hardware. Installed Plateau training management client and server software. Installed UNIX emulation software on the NT servers allowing existing shell scripts to be ported with minimal changes converting the systems in weeks instead of months.
Installed and managed the Remedy AR system.


Responsible for maintaining the Resource, Student and Evaluation Computer Software Configuration Items of the $100M Advanced Training Systems. A product originally developed and delivered by IBM to automate every facet of Air Force Training. Produced four software upgrades in one year. Coded in ADA, D-code, and TeleUse, and customer interface and quality assurance. Team leader on the development of "Keyboard Trainer", "ISS support" and "GraphEd" all written in ADA. Member of team to work with Hurricane hunters to redesign dropsond simulation program from Pascal to ADA.


Systems analyst on Honeywell DPS8. WWMICS. Responsible for day to day system administration tasks, including software installation, daily back ups, security and troubleshooting.



Taught and developed course for the AN/GRN 29 instrument landing system. A 3 level, six week course, designed to train operational theory and repair of the ILS. Included in the course, Solid State Devices, Glide Slope, Localizer and monitoring system. Developed and compiled the manual on solid state design. I was identified as a superior performer by the USAF standards evaluation team.


GCISNET Gulf Coast Information Systems, http://www.gcisnet.net



Creator, developer and owner of Gulf Coast Information Systems. Hosting, creation, development and security for all clients web sites, including e-commerce sites. Strong HTML and coding experience. Duties include; setting up and maintaining multiple virtual hosting domains, and virtual email accounts. Custom programming in perl, C, C++, php, java script . Use of shockwave, streaming audio and video, Java and Java scripts, ANFI, Volano chat servers. Created and Developed the gulf coast most popular tourism site with over 150+ pages of information, containing 3 separate dynamically generated databases written in perl, MySQL, and php. Obtained secure server certificate. Level 2 MS site builder. Certified Internic registration host. Handling all aspects of owning a business including staffing, management and training. Minor repair and upgrades to clients machines and systems. Familiar with Adobe, Front page, Macromedia, Shockwave, and multiple graphics editors. Specializing in integrating webdesign with database applications.



I have completed or received certification for the following courses while in the USAF

Administering the Remedy AR system from UNIX
AR systems Flashboards Administration
Navigational Aids Equipment Repair Specialist
Programming (x5)
Technical Instructor
Advanced Ada
Object oriented design
Structured design
Instructional Systems Development
NCO Leadership school



Available upon Request.