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The nickname BacardE......

This is a long story..but I will make it short for your comfort. :-)

Bacardi the drink ..
Used to be my drink of choice.  And I chose it alot.  I don't drink anymore, drinking was killing me, ruining my marriage and basically had taken over my life.

I chose to take control of my life.  My loving wife .. had a lot to do with that choice... Her or alcohol...  You would think that was an easy choice.  It was and it wasn't.  However I chose life.

I used to hang out on IRC (Internet Relay Chat) and used the nick BacardE.  Now I sometimes chat on other services and I try to use the nick when possible.  Regretfully the nick is already used by some bozo on AIM.

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I have been free since January 4th, 1999!